An animation of the word POLYFORMS written in multiple fonts.


Polyforms makes art inspired by glitch, abstract, and geometric motifs, creating a captivating universe of intricate texture and bold colour.

Techniques like data bending and video distortion explore the essence of the digital world, occasionally hinting at recognizable objects and personalities that peek through the digital chaos.

lofigures (2024)

lofigures is an exploration of the fluctuating and complex emotions of our digitally-driven world.

Abstract glitch textures blend with figurative shapes and forms to convey feelings of anxiety, ecstasy, hope and self-doubt; each emotion struggling to be heard amidst the digital chaos.

The main series have been minted on Exchange Art with a limited run of 3 interactive pieces minted on Zora as part of the Metamedia launch exhibition.

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Compositions (2022)

A series exploring simple geometric shapes, glitches and abstract textures with a post-retro feel.

The works attempt to capture the nostalgia of a bygone era while still feeling fresh and modern.

Minted on the Formfunction marketplace on Solana.

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pureglitch (2022)

A series of abstract glitch compositions exploring the complex, fractured textures that emerge from glitch techniques like data bending and video distortion.

Minted on the marketplace on Solana.

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R3PACKAGED__G00DS (2022)

Deconstructed disasters from the back room. Minted on the Glitch Forge marketplace on Tezos.

A selection of 25 images were processed through a custom glitching filter to create 50 unique looping GIFs. Using Glitch Forge’s ‘On Demand’ platform, a unique piece is chosen every time a collector chooses to mint, until all 50 pieces have been collected.

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Tezos Selects (2021 - 22)

A selection of works minted to the Tezos blockchain across various marketplaces.

Most of my work on Tezos was created in the period from early 2021 into 2022. At that time Tezos was home to a community of digital artists who felt excluded from the then prohibitive world of Ethereum. Since Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ in 2022 the appeal of Tezos appears to have waned.

The selections include pieces from the Warped Wavvves (hic et nunc), difficulty_Modes (hic et nunc), 8x8s (8bidou) and balance and griiids (fxhash) series.

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screensaver Selects (2021)

A selection of works minted to the marketplace on Polygon. was a niche NFT marketplace and community of artist exploring a diverse range styles. The platform was a welcoming place for artists to explore the then emerging NFT art scene.

While the community is no longer very active, the site still exists as an archive of the work created in this expressive period.

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