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In Process, Ep. 2: From Line Drawings To A Glitchy GIF with SonicChimes

In Process is a series that examines the inspiration, methods, and tools used by artists to create their work. Each episode focuses on a specific piece.

Find all episodes of In Process on the Ep. 0: Index page.

In this episode, I’ll take a look at Worlds Collide (pictured above) by SonicChimes.

When I first saw the piece I was completely enraptured by the intense colour palette, the beautiful detail and the hypnotising glitch. I ended up buying the NFT of the piece on hic et nunc.

SonicChimes generously lent some insight into the creative process of the piece.

What was the inspiration for Worlds Collide?

Worlds Collide is about a child’s unbound potential as a human being: she watches numerous worlds as they change and fill her up with knowledge. Eternal paths open up before her for she is just at the beginning of her journey. Every child has the potential to change the world if they are given the chance.

Almost every morning when I wake up, as I lie in bed, a series of images flash before my eyes: I have to get up and sketch them before they disappear. Worlds Collide is one of those images.

The boy and the planets were alive and moving before my eyes that morning and I’m so glad I could materialize the vision.

Describe the technical process of the piece. What medium and tools were most important to creating it?

I began by rushing out of bed and getting the sketch down on Procreate. When I sketch, I use a charcoal brush that is identical to 2B and 4B pencils. Those give the best simulation of drawing on real paper and, as old habits die hard, that medium is the only one in which I can be really spontaneously creative.

After the quick sketch where I jot down the movement of the child and his proximity to the planets, I find some realistic photos of children and planets and use them as a reference so that my objects can be as natural as possible.

I then pick “technical brush” on Procreate and start to trace the outlines without lifting my hand, making the drawing in one unbroken line.

Next, I scale the tip of my brush down and trace the details the same way, in one line.

Next, I colour my drawing. I pick my colours by instinct and like to use complementary colours side by side. When I colour, I keep the mood and story of the illustration in mind. This one is full of hope and a little naïve, like a child’s world, so I used hot pinks and cheerful pastels.

Next, I selected the planet in the middle and used the “glitch’’ tool (in Procreate) to add glitches on different layers while keeping the background the same.

Finally, I exported my layers as an animated GIF.

How did the NFT for the piece come about? Did you make this piece specifically for H=N, or was it a piece you'd already made and retrofitted for the platform?

I started minting my illustrations on H=N because it has a great community that motivates me to become better.

I made this piece with that community in mind, so yes, I guess you can say that I created it for exclusively H=N, and my friends and collectors who are on that platform.

See Worlds Collide and other work by SonicChimes on hic et nunc →

Where can I learn more about your work?

If you want to hear about when and where I mint my artwork as well as see my work in progress updates, you can find me on Twitter,

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or inquiries.


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